RTC was established as a trading and subcontracting company registered in UK in 2000. The company offers a comprehensive range of services to the lead-acid battery industry. The service includes all the department of battery production such as lead oxide powder production, plate production, curing of plates, dry and wet charge, plate enveloping, cast on strap, assembly lines, acid dilution facilities, automotive and truck battery formation lines, finishing lines, packaging facilities, etc. The emphasis is on working with manufacturers to improve profitability and performance through access to the latest machinery and manufacturing technology. In addition to building and equipping new factories, the company also helps manufacturers to modernize and expand production by sourcing and supplying the necessary plant and technology.

With more than 18 years experience in the industry, RTC has developed close links with the world’s leading specialist machinery manufacturers. Using its knowledge of battery making in different parts of the world and the different technologies that are available, RTC brings together the most appropriate plant and machinery for a particular project. The company’s experience also ensures the total integration of new and existing equipment to optimize performance and productivity. RTC also supplies plant and equipment for the safe and efficient recycling of scrap batteries and for the smelting of recovered lead.

Environmental engineering is an integral part of the total service and includes consultancy, design and installation of plant and equipment for treating air, water and factory waste. The company’s expertise in this area has made a significant contribution to improvements in health and safety throughout the industry.

RTC is one of the World’s leading subcontractors of machinery and technology to the lead-acid battery industry and offers impartial advice and technical support on all aspects of battery manufacturing.

During the last two decades RTC has developed its collaboration with several customers specifically in the Middle east and has provided them a comprehensive technical and trade support. The effort has been concentrated on linking customers to the most reliable sources of battery manufacturing equipment and technical support as well as process and manufacturing know-how. Several training sessions and meetings were held in order for transferring technical knowledge and detail of battery manufacturing and also to resolve many complications involved in the process of production.

RTC over the past two decades has gained extensive knowledge of the customer bases and markets for Automotive and industrial batteries, therefore plays a key role in connecting manufacturers to new markets internationally by providing marketing, sales and distribution services.

RTC welcomes all contacts and correspondences related to the field of lead acid battery manufacturing from all over the world and makes its best effort to satisfy esteemed companies and customers dealing with lead acid battery technology and manufacturing.

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