RTC is able to handle projects and manage to establish plants for lead acid battery manufacturing industry in cooperation with the best known suppliers and battery manufacturers. RTC is experienced in handling projects ranging from a full factory project to a simple machinery installation. RTC works with customers to develop projects which satisfy their project requirements but also represent the best manufacturing options available.
Having more than 18 years experience in the industry, RTC has developed close links with the world’s leading specialist machinery manufacturers. Using its knowledge of battery production in different parts of the world and the different technologies that are available, RTC helps to bring together the most appropriate plant and machinery for a particular project. The company’s experience also ensures the total integration of new and existing equipment to optimize performance and productivity.


RTC provides general information on lead acid battery manufacturing processes and provided reference documentation. Please contact RTC if you want to discuss any particular process or require any further information.

  • Automotive Battery technology
  • Automotive Battery assembly
  • Plate Production
  • Plate curing
  • Scrap reprocessing
  • Automotive Battery Formation

Marketing, Sales and Distribution

RTC provides marketing, sales and distribution services for all types and technologies of batteries worldwide. Having been active in the industry internationally for over 2 decades, RTC has a very good understanding of battery markets in Europe, Middle East, Far-East and Africa and sells and distributes battery, battery components including all types of plates (gravity casting, continuous rotary casting, expanded metal and punch technologies) in these markets directly and indirectly.