RTC offers a comprehensive spare parts service. This service includes several parts for mostly European Automotive Battery Manufacturing Equipment from reliable companies. The parts are provided for equipment such as:

  • Sovema Curing Chambers.
  • Sovema Oxide Mills.
  • Sovema Lead Strip Line.
  • Sovema Performer 500.
  • Sovema Pasting Line.
  • Sovema Grid Casting Machines.
  • Sovema Assembly Line.
  • Sovema COS Machine.
  • Sovema Enveloping Machine.
  • BM Rosendahl Enveloping Machine.
  • Digatron Rectifiers.
  • TBS COS Machine.
  • La Pneumatica Finishing Line.
  • La Pneumatica Double Lid Heat Sealing.
  • Inbatec Formation Line.

In addition to the above RTC can offer spare parts service for specific items of plant based on customer requirements.